Our offer includes consultancy services grouped in four main categories

Services related to business process management and their optimization
-> Analysis and measurement of business processses

Services aimed at supporting companies in the development of their business
-> Services aimed at supporting companies in the Business Change

Automatisation of busienss processes by implementation the micro-robots, RPA and workflow

Services improving the organizational order of companies, improving the standards of internal functioning -> Services improving the organizational efficence of companies by implementation the procedures and internal standards, MBO, PMO, project management, Lean Management

Analysis, measurement and optimization of the business processes

Process measurement is focused on the time spent for the execution of each specific task by the employees and the collaborators, either in a single department or in the entire company. The result of process measurement is really helpful to identify the costliest activities in the process which would be the priority for optimization or more detailed analysis. Process measurement and Process Analysis are usually performed almost in parallel in order to intensify the duration of the project. Following the analytical interviews and the result of process measurement, we get the “real picture” of the company’s internal performance, which processes require improvements, which tasks are the costliest, which tasks duplicate each other, etc.

Quick optimization

The service is aimed at the companies which are looking for a fast and efficient way of finding optimization areas in their activities and business so that they can limit or reduce costs, time of service or delivery, especially nowadays in pandemic times. On the basis of our 15 years of experience and numerous projects delivered we are in a good position to set initial diagnosis of the current situation for the company and point preliminary recommendations to be implemented so that the Client is able to gain the business outcomes and benefits in a short term period. On the top of that our suggestions will still ensure that the BaU and all the support functions will be delivered as usual with even a limited scope of requisitions and orders.

Robotic processes, creating RPA robots

As part of the service, in the first stage we help to choose places that give the greatest potential for automation by the result of Process measurement. The selection is made on the basis of such criteria as: the greatest expected benefits (the scale of the optimized cost), the technical readiness of the process for automation, the repetitiveness of a given activity. As a result, we perform and implement appropriate Office Robots for selected place, and we recommend. They can replace the employee activities e.g.: sending emails, checking data from invoices, rewriting data between systems, check the contractor’s data in the external databases. In the office, robots greatly automate the processing and integration of data (e.g. while creating reports). Therefore, it has a huge impact on cost savings, faster information processing.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a leading provider of services of measurement and analysis of processes.

Strategic objectives:

providing companies with specific, pragmatic and modern solutions in the fieldof optimization and improvement of processes

further development of services offered in accordance with the development of the market in the country and the EU

consistent improvement of the quality of services offered

investing in the development of our solutions to improve the services offered

investing in automation and micro-robotics solutions in the office (office nano robots)

We address our solutions to medium and large companies, which through dynamic development have reached the level of complex structures, procedures, processesand are looking for solutions to optimize processes.

We combine business with methodology and technology.

We understand business goals, to which we adjust recommending improvements and IT solutions. Methods and standards are never ends in themselves.

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