For whom the bell tolls?

The service is aimed at the companies which are looking for a fast and efficient way of finding optimization areas in their activities and business so that they can limit or reduce costs, time of service or delivery, especially nowadays in pandemic times. On the basis of our 15 years of experience and numerous projects delivered we are in a good position to set initial diagnosis of the current situation for the company and point preliminary recommendations to be implemented so that the Client is able to gain the business outcomes and benefits in a short term period. On the top of that our suggestions will still ensure that the BaU and all the support functions will be delivered as usual with even a limited scope of requisitions and orders. This service is maybe not so much insightful as our core service Analysis, measurement and optimization of the business processes; however, it is still enough to set up a plan needed for upcoming months.

As the result of the service everyday duties of the Client Employees are limited to only the core ones and the unnecessary and inefficient tasks are removed from the scope. By means of that not only the costs are reduced but also the satisfaction of the employees is increased, as they are able to perform their duties better and the time of the core business of Client is also reduced which is also beneficial to their business partners. The service enables to realize the benefits by means of “quick wins” even after 3 months.

What is it all about?

The service is based on the so far collected data from the measurements taken previously (more than 1 300 000 reported hours of work) and the recommendations already provided. On the basis of the diagnostic survey we are able to define necessary optimizations actions and techniques focusing especially on reduction labor and systems costs.


The biggest differentiator of our offer is the utilization of loads of measurement data which were conducted before the crisis. As a result, we were able to come up with many reference profiles of companies and businesses. The diagnostic actions and interviews with the Employees will enable to point the optimization areas and setting up the strategy for the crisis period of COVID-19.


Nova Praxis is constantly setting up the standards in the area of business processes measurement. We were the first company to set up the business and we continuously improve our service.

Detailed scope of the service

Stage 1

The diagnosis of the current problems

We start the service with the diagnostic analysis which is designed to quickly identify possible areas of optimization, also taking under the consideration current and historical data of the financial data. The exercise will help us to name the most immediate and important areas of improvements and optimization so that the Client can optimize their costs. It is a simplified version of the full service where first we identify the list of processes. In this case we identify areas of improvement, we point out the key areas of detailed analysis and the top priority areas to be optimized first to reduce the operational costs.

In the diagnostic analysis we use the data and results gathered in the past 6 years of processes measurements which enables us on the basis of the predefined profiles design the change directions and the initial recommendations.

Stage 2

The analysis of the selected AS IS processes

Information obtained in step 1 is organized in the form of a map of goals. We create a diagram that has strategic goals at the top; below there is their translation into each operation in each year. And further – we divide it into each department and manager.

The list of goals that we have acquired as a result of the analysis is supplemented with goals resulting from our experience – a correctly prepared set of goals for the company must be properly balanced. We cannot talk only about the development of revenues, because the company will forget about security. We cannot focus only on cost optimization if there is no parallel qualitative objective. We cannot only define objectives related to development (change) if we do not take care of indicators of error-free implementation of basic processes.

We discuss the prepared map of goals with the Management Board. Subsequently, we prepare specific proposals of Goal sheets for managers at the N-1 level (just below the Management Board) and we give it to the Management Board for approval. The proposals contain a certain superset of objectives – due to this, the Management Board can set priorities. Together with the Management Board, we approve sheets of direct subordinate managers and we gain guidelines on what to put emphasis on lower levels.

Stage 3

Optimization and recommendations report delivery

Design, creation and delivery of the optimization report along with the recommendations is the critical part of this service. We direct our Clients to the areas where we have identified possibilities of improvement and optimization, where we can get rid of decision points or consolidate the tasks between the departments so that we can eliminate waste such as: standstills, bureaucracy, barriers elimination, excessive communication, etc.

In the next step we build the recommendations report which depending on the specifics of the project is sometimes finalized together with the Client Employees in the Problem-Solving workshops to ensure we address the problem in the best possible way. The final report consists of the overall view and the recommendations part (for the next 3 months) both presented to the senior management of the company. The detailed analysis and the long-term solutions should be following the service Analysis, measurement and optimization of the business processes though.

Products of the project

Clients obtain always clearly defined set of products and deliverables.

  • Diagnosis of the changes direction
  • Documentation of the selected AS IS processes (diagrams, descriptions, owners, input/output data)
  • Activities maps for the specified job positions
  • Issues, problems, barriers report
  • Recommendations report
  • Implementation plan of the improvements (option)

The scope and the final version of the documents and services can differ depending on the project – the exact scope of the project is always defined separately for each Client needs and described in the offer and contract before the project starts.